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Posted almost 6 years ago by Sune Petersen

Sune Petersen
Sune Petersen Admin

The latest changes in migFx - your complete tool for complex data migrations:

  • The Transform no longer exists. This has overall implications:
    • Studio only have Source and Target maps. The Target map is imported directly into the Source map
    • The Target engine generator no longer generates transform code
    • The Director does not execute any transform engine in the import step
    • The Tracker does not show xml etc from the transform step
  • The Schema web application has gone and the maintenance of Translations (=Schemas) has been integrated into the Tracker (=RunTracking)
  • In Studio, the base classes in the Interface.Library for all the DataGridViews has been replaced. The GridBase class in the Workbench has been replaced by the DgvStandard class in Studio. This has global impact in the Studio application

Interested in more info re this release please contact us.

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