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About this forum

In Hopp we value the input of our customers and all stakeholders using the hopp framework in real-life data migration. The purpose of this forum is to provide everybody the opportunity to comment and vote on proposals submitted by hopp for functionality to be considered for inclusion in the Hopp road map.

Proposals posted here are of course the result of internal considerations at hopp but also to a wide extent driven by ideas and feature requests from you and the rest of our user community. You are more than welcome to post your own ideas and feature requests. However, to separate things and maintain order in our road map, we ask you to post in Ideas and Feature requests forum. This forum is closely monitored by us and is a very important input to our road map proposals.

We reserve the right to move posts from here to the Ideas and Feature Requests forum.

You can place your vote to help hopp to determine which proposal has the most support of our user community and please comment to your hearts content to help mature the proposal to ensure that as wide a set of considerations gets their day in court.

We are grateful for your input, ideas and thoughts to help us maintain and improve the Hopp road map ensuring that Hopp remains the leading and preferred solution to complex application data migration.