Release 2018-10-28

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Lars Kjaersgaard
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Migration database

  • Fixed bug in the recursive resolution of dependencies that caused the recursion to break, if a Relationship from the Target Map results in a dependency from an Item to itself. Please update stored procedure [mig_item].[_Import_ProcessDescendants] in all Migration databases

New Director Management Interface

This is a major update introducing an new management user interface in the Director. The interface is described in detail here: Manage Servers, Projects, Tracks and Engines in Director.

The update contains these new releases:

  • MigFx Director Client 1.1.5
    • Install on all client machines
    • New management UI
  • MigFx Director Client ClientService 1.1.2
    • Please update MinimumClientVersion to 1.1.5 in web.config to prompt users to update client
    • Support for new management UI
  • MigFx Tracker 1.1.11
    • Refactoring due to changes in master database
  • MigFx Director Server Runtime 1.1.14
    • Refactoring due to changes in master database
  • MigFx Director TrackWatcher 1.1.14
    • Refactoring due to changes in master database
    • Automated edit of Track config file (engine settings and connection strings etc) on Track start
  • Please run the attached sql script MigFx_Master_Refactor.sql in SQLCMD mode to refactor your master database
    • Obs: In line 13 the script changes the compatibility level to 130 (Sql Server 2016). If your migFx_Master database is at a higher level, please delete or comment out this line
  • Please introduce new setting in the MigFx.Watcher.exe.config file in the installation folder of the Track Watcher. Change this setting to False if you want to disable the automatic editing of the Track config file:
    <setting name="EditTrackConfig" serializeAs="String">

After installing the update, you will need to use the new interface to add your Source- and Target Engines and update your Projects to use the correct Engines. Please refer to the description linked at the beginning of this article.

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