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Lars Kjaersgaard
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Engine Framework (Server and Workstation) 1.1.15

  • The GetUniqueKeyNo and GetUniqueKeyString methods available in the Target Engine for manual Mapping Rules and Bags have been renamed to Identity and IdentityString repectively. All Target Engines must be re-generated.

    Please update your manual rules to use the new methods and be aware the parameter order is reversed on the IdentityString(string proposedKey, String keyType = null) method, allowing you to omit the keyType parameter.

    If null is passed as keyType, or the keyType parameter is omitted, the Target engine will use an internal key type ('#identity#'). Calling the method Identity() from a manual Mapping Rule or a Bag is equivalent to using the Value Type Identity directly in Studio.

  • Fixed bug that Fasttrack export did not send the import result on to the Target Unload extension (pre-released as hotfix)

  • Fixed bug in Source Engine Generator: Could not handle a blank Alias on Metadata from Studio

Director Runtime 1.1.15

  • Included Sql Server timeout in the general guard against deadlocks, leading the director to retry after timeouts with progressively increasing delay up to 25 times (pre-released as hotfix)

Studio 1.1.21

  • Fixed bug that the DataGridView showing the list of relationships on a Business Object opened for row addition after checkout (adding a relationship is done by clicking the Add... button)

  • Fixed bug that allowed the use of unsuitable ValueTypes for parameters to Events coupled to Relationship Flags in the Target Map. Only ValueTypes Null, Interface, Literal and Constant are allowed

  • In order to minimize the risk in a Source Map of importing the Target Interface of a wrong Target Map, the Source Map now remembers the last import and will warn on attempt to import from a different Target Map. In addition, when importing a Target Interface from Repository, the last Target Map is pre-selected in the Project drop down

  • Keyboard shortcut for Publish Interface in the Target Map has changed from ctrl-s to ctrl-i

  • Fixed bug that a DataGrid on an open and visible item did not correctly refresh its ValidationImage

  • When creating a new Relationship in the Target Map, the proposed name will no longer contain any dots (.). Dots are replaced with underscores (_). 

Interfaces 1.1.3 and Default DataServices 1.1.3

  • Fixes a bug where testing a Valueset in Studio held a windows lock on an Excel Valueset sheet if the test fails. This caused difficulties in saving a new version of the Excel sheet, Studio had to be closed before the sheet could be saved

  • If a row in a source file to be loaded in Director contains more values than is described in the metadata for the corresponding Source Table (in the Studio Source Map), the load job fails. Before with an uninformative ArgumentOutOfRangeException. Now the failed job will display information to help identify the problem

  • More lenient in accepting Date values from Excel into Valuesets

  • Better error messages if data in Valueset does not conform to Data Type

  • Install on all workstations and migration servers

  • Please adhere closely to this installation recipe
    1. Close all instances of Studio and Director (if migration server, also stop all tracks and stop the Watcher service)
    2. Uninstall Default DataServices (if installed)
    3. Uninstall Interfaces 1.1.2
    4. Verify that the Interfaces dlls have been deleted from
      If not, delete the dlls manually
    5. Install Interfaces 1.1.3
    6. Install Default DataServices (if they were installed)
    7. If migration server, start the Watcher service

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