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Master Database

  • Support for improvements in Director Client Administration, see below

  • Fixed Sql error on set Paths on Track in Director Client Admin (Ticket 183)

  • Fixed query for Tracker to skip Track Usages that are not published (Tickets 190 and 191)

  • NB: Please update your Master Database using the attached Sql script UpdateMasterDb.sql

Migration Databases

  • Support for the new Items column in Tracker, see below

  • NB: Please update your Migration Databases using the attached Sql script UpdateMigrationDb.sql. After update, the new Items column is set to 0. It will be updated correctly once Setup Tracker is run from Director

Studio 1.4

  • Showing validation result in the Project Explorer was previously done by coloring the text of each treenode according to the validation result (red, orange, green). Now the validation result is shown by modifying the treenode icon with an overlay according to the validation result (red dot, orange dot, green dot or two blue vertical bars for Incomplete (skipped) items:

  • Export Only Fields has been renamed to Additional Fields
    • This release fixes an inconsistency for Export Only fields. Previously these fields were defined in the Source Map on each Business Object. This approach led to inconsistency in the case of copied Business Objects in the Source Map. Here it was possible to define different Export Only Fields for each copy. Since the XML validation in Director is done using only 1 XSD for all copies of a given Business Object, difference in Export Only fields between copies lead to validation errors when running the export in Director
    • In this release the Export Only Fields have been renamed to Additional Fields and are now defined on the Source Map itself (the root node in the Source Map Project Explorer). Additional Fields will show up on all copies of the given Business Object, demanding a value
    • On every copy of the Business Object, the Additional Fields are merged with the Interface Fields from the Target Map in in one list (there is no longer two different tabs for Interface Fields and Export Only Fields respectively). The Additional Fields are marked with a green plusin the field list and can be moved up and down according to calculation needs (Additional Fields are always output by the generated Source Engine after Interface Fields, regardless of the order of calculation)
    • Additional Fields can be used as values for other Additional Fields as well as for Interface Fields. For this reason, the Interface value type has been renamed to Export
    • Read more about Additional Fields here

  • When editing a Business Object in the Source Map, the term Source Map was also used for the treeview of Source Objects on the Business Object. This treeview has now been renamed to Extraction Map to avoid confusion with the project type Source Map

  • Source Object flags are now disabled for the root Source Object on a root Business Object (these flags do not make sense and were never raised)

  • The text for notification 2 on the root Source Object of a child Business Object has been changed from 1 found to One or More Found. Since the Relationship for this root Source Object in reality decides the collection of child Business Objects, the old text did not make sense

  • Improved edit of advanced repository connection string under Options

  • Fixed bug in Source Map that Usage drop down on Source Object flags did not lock correctly when the Business Object is not checked out (Ticket 196)

  • Fixed bug in Target Map that using an Interface Field value (as opposed to a Target Field value) through a Relationship crashed the Report function (Ticket 210 - released as hotfix 2019-09-06)

  • Fixed bug that a new copy of an Business Object in the Source Map did not show up in the Pending CheckIns tool window (Ticket 216)

  • When copying a Business Object in the Source Map, that already has a name, the name of the copy is now the name of the original plus the suffix '_Copy'. Previously is was suffixed ' - Copy' which caused a validation error (Ticket 216)

  • Validation of Parameters and Flags is now skipped for missing rules and bag methods. The validation marks the missing rule/bag method as an error 111, there is no need to also mark the missing parameters/flags

  • Cosmetic changes to start up splash screen (animated gif spinner)

  • NB: All Source Maps must be refactored 
    • Before uninstalling Studio 1.3.*, open and check out all Source Maps
    • Rename source map folder to (source  map folder).old
    • Run the refactor of each project:
      • (Studio Install Path)\MigFx.Studio.Refactor -Operation:AdditionalFields -FromFolder="(source map folder).old" -WorkingFolder:" (source map folder)"
      • The refactor will recreate the (source map folder) containing the refactored Source Map
    • Uninstall Studio 1.3.* and install Studio 1.4
    • Open each refactored Source Map
      • Validate to ensure refactor was ok
      • Check in
    • All other team members must delete their local Source Map folders and get the refactored Source Maps from Repository

Director Client 1.4

  • Guard against creating Project with duplicate name (ticket 194)

  • Guard against creating Engines with duplicate name and type (ticket 195)

  • No longer require the Project database to be present when deleting a Project (ticket 193)

  • Improved edit of Database connection when editing Configuration, Project or Track (Ticket 188)

  • Cosmetic changes to start up splash screen (animated gif spinner)

  • Please update the MinimumClientVersion key in the DIrector.ClientService web.config to prompt users to update to version 1.4.0

Director.ClientService 1.4

  • Support for improvements in Director Client Administration

Director Runtime 1.4

  • Fixed bug that submitting a Clear File job to delete a load file for a staging table results in a job failing with 'Unknown Action: Clear File'

  • Fixed bug that Load Tracker job required a Target Engine for ExportOnly projects (Ticket 192)

Engine Framework 1.4

  • Install on all workstations and migration servers

  • Additional Fields are now always generated by the generated Source Engine (previous Export Only fields were only generated for Export Only projects and skipped for Migration projects). The generated Target Engine simply ignores any Additional Fields

  • Null values in nullable BreakFields are now handled correctly (Ticket 215)
    • NB: After generation and deployment of Source Engines, this change will cause the Root Item tables in the Staging database to be dropped. This necessitates a new Export of all Business Objects

  • Improved Event message for System Events on Source Object flags (None found, 1 found and One or More found). Previously, the System Event only showed the name of the Source Object raising the flag. This made it difficult to locate the cause for the event in the case where the flag was raised by a child Source Object on a child Business Object. Now the event message identifies the Business Object as well as the Source Object within that Business Object. For example: Business Object: Account/Interest/InterestLine (Source Object: InterestLine [Vw.InterestLine]/Src.ClientAdditional), this message would previously just be SourceDataAlias: ClientAdditional (Ticket 196)

  • Improved System Event on Xml Schema validation errors in the Export.  The path to the xml element in error is now provided as a parameter to the System Event

  • The Xml Validation System Event when assigning a null value to a non-nullable Export Field has been improved. Previously the System Event was Xml validation: The required attribute 'value' is missing. Now this event will look like this: Xml validation: Null value assigned to non-nullable Export Field, Path: {0} 

  • Removed dependency on the MigFx.Utilities dll to avoid installing it in the GAC. 
    • NB: After uninstall, please insure that the dll is removed from C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\assembly\GAC_MSIL\MigFx.Utilities\v4.0_1.0.0.0__92ee5b953e47dbd1

Tracker 1.4

  • User Settings now includes the number of item per page. Default is 50 items per page

  • A new column, Items, is added to the Events and the All Events lists. While the existing Count column contains the count of the given event, the new column contains the number of Business Object instances affected by the event. Clicking on the Items number link goes directly to the list of Business Object instances, bypassing the summary list of the event message merged with parameter values

  • In Search, it is now possible to choose whether to search in Source- or Migration Key

  • Search Results now lists both Source- and Migration Keys

Interfaces 1.4

  • Improvement to guard import of Metadata into Studio against leading/trailing spaces in imported Entity- and Field names (ticket 197, released as hotfix on August 7, 2019)

  • Please adhere closely to this installation recipe
    • Close all instances of Studio and Director (if migration server, also stop all tracks and stop the Director Agent service)
    • Uninstall Interfaces 1.3
    • Verify that the Interfaces dlls have been deleted from
      If not, delete the dll manually
    • Install Interfaces 1.4
    • If migration server, start the Director Agent service


  • Minor internal infrastructure change

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