Release 2020-05-17

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Lars Kjaersgaard
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Studio 1.5

  • Fix that the Ok button cannot be enabled in the Rule Usage dialog when adding rules/bag methods without parameters and flags
  • Fix that default text was show for all missing language texts on Events and Additional Texts. Connection to null text issue in Tracker  (Ticket 358, delivered as hotfix in Studio 1.4.2 on 2020-02-07) 
  • Fix that Undo checkout on a View in Source Map did not restore Sql Statement  (Ticket 369, delivered as hotfix in Studio 1.4.3 on 2020-02-19) 
  • Revised Repository connection dialog to enable use of Sql Server Authentication for connection to remote Repository database outside Intranet authentication
  • New interface to Studio Repository. The interface is decribed in a separate article here
  • Users need to reconnect to Repository after install
  • Required refactoring
    • Firstly - and before install of new Studio release, ensure that the AdditionalFields refactor from Release 2019-10-30 has been run on all Source Maps in the Repository database. If needed, run the attached Sql script DetectMissingAdditionalFields.sql to list any Source Maps in need of this refactor 
    • Run attached refactor Sql script Repository.1.sql on Repository database. The script refactors the database in place. Please ensure to take a backup of the database before running the script
    • Refactor all items in place in the repository database by running
      • (Studio Install Path)\MigFx.Studio.Refactor -Operation=Repository_1 -DataSource=(Sql Server instance) -InitialCatalog=(Repository database) -WorkingFolder:(temp working folder) -Commit:true -CommitMessage:"Refactor compare StringContent"
    • After install of Studio, all team members must delete their workspaces in Windows Explorer (do not use Clean Workspace from Studio) and get relevant projects from Repository

Interfaces 1.5

  • Fixed incorrect, generated Sql for views taking data types Timestamp and Time as input parameters (Ticket 355, delivered as hotfix in Interfaces 1.4.2 on 2019-02-06)

Engine Framework 1.5

  • The source engine generator now locates correct MSBuild Engine on newer installations
  • Added missing availability in Target Engine Bags to common Rule functionality (Identity, Business Entity selection and GetProfiler)
  • Fixed issue in generated xsd schemas for validation in Source Engine. Duplicate xsd:unique names if child elements in different places in the xml hierarchy have identical names (Ticket 398, delivered as hotfix in EngineFramework 1.4.3 on 2020-03-29) 
  • Generated Engines now contains the Commit Id of the newest commit when the engine was generated as well as an indicator whether the engine was generated from a clean workspace (= corresponds to the latest commit). This will be used in future versions of Director
  • Install on Workstations and Migration Servers
  • Please regenerate, redeploy and run Setup on Source- and Target Engines

Director Client 1.5

  • Revised connection dialog to enable connect to remote Master Server outside Intranet authentication
  • The client will prompt users to reconnect to Master Server on first launch after install

Director Runtime 1.5

  • Export and Import Items are now marked with the Id of the newest commit and clean workspace mark from the corresponding engine. This will be used in future versions of Director
  • Please run attached Sql script DirectorDb.1.sql on all Migration databases

Tracker 1.5

  • Fix that internal user when changing Partition, could create Translation orphan Valueset rows for previous partition (Ticket 357, delivered as hotfix in Tracker 1.4.1 on 2020-02-07)
  • Fix that in connection with a problem in Studio, the Tracker could fail because the text for the chosen language was not present (Ticket 358, delivered as hotfix in Tracker 1.4.1 on 2020-02-07)
  • Import from Excel is no longer possible on Translation schemas that are read only (Ticket 422)

Visual Studio Extension 1.5

  • Enabled for Visual Studio 2019. 

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