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Posted over 3 years ago by Lars Kjaersgaard

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Lars Kjaersgaard
Lars Kjaersgaard Admin

Implement document up- and download in Tracker. The idea is to share documents between the migration team and the users and businesses involved in the migration.

  • Documents will be specific for a given Project and stored in the Project database. 
  • Access by external users to a Document is controlled: Accessible to user from all Partitions or only from a specific Partition
  • Documents are placed in Folders
    • Folders can contain Folders (hierarchy)
    • Folders are created via the Tracker Interface 
      • General Folders for all Projects in the Master database
      • Project Specific Folders in the Project database
    • Per Folder
      • A Title and short description
      • Access Control based on MigFx roles
        • Can View Folders and download documents
        • Can upload Documents and create sub Folders
    • Folder Examples
      • Agreements (External Users with Project access can view Folder and download, External Users with only Partition access cannot view Folder )
      • Documents (All External Users can view Folder and download)
      • Workspace (All External Users can view Folder, up/download and create sub folders) 
  • A given Document can only be placed in one Folder
  • A document can be moved to another folder (if the user has upload rights to both source- and target folder) 
  • Uploading a Document creates a new version in the Database
    • Change description for the new version is required
    • Users can download latest version or show a list of all versions (with author and description) and select a version to download

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