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Posted over 3 years ago by Lars Kjaersgaard

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Lars Kjaersgaard
Lars Kjaersgaard Admin

Just like the Source Map and Source Engine have source tables that can be loaded into the Staging Database and combined to Views, it is proposed that the Target Map and Target Engine likewise should be able to load tables from the Target System that should be loaded into the Staging Database and be combined into Views.

In addition, Tables and Views in both the Source- and Target Engine should be available to both Lookup- and Manual Rules in addition to Valuesets.

To avoid name conflicts in Sql Server, a new Staging Database should be introduced to contain the tables for Target Tables, Views and Valuesets. Each Track will the have 2 separate Staging Databases, one for Source and one for Target.

Tables to be loaded in the Target Engine is defined in Studio as Metadata. This means that the Target Map can contain 2 types of Metadata:

  • Target Metadata is the current Metadata known in the Target Map and describes the data the Target Map must produce  
  • Input Metadata is the new type and describes data that can be load for use by the Target Engine 
    • Tables are not available to add as Target Objects
    • Tables are available for Views and manual implementations

In Director, panels for Data and Views will be added to the Target menu to enable load of Input Tables and Views 

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