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Sune Petersen
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A new migFx Migration Portal

hopp will develop a new web infrastructure to relieve the existing migFx Tracker web application. The functionality currently handled by the migFx Tracker application will be ported to the new web infrastructure.

Why a new migration portal?

The existing web component of migFx is the migFx Tracker. The Tracker is an ASP.NET MVC web application and it is in the Tracker application that migFx exposes the events that occurred during the execution of the migration. The Tracker application is used both by the migration team and business users to track and collaborate on events and issues in the migrated data.

However, the Tracker is limited to display information in direct relation to an executing data migration in the migFx data migration framework. The UI and technical design of the Tracker is strictly scoped around this limitation and the Tracker does not easily adopt to displaying anything (extensions or otherwise) that is not directly related to an executing data migration.

Why a new Portal?

Instead of being solely built around an executing migration in the migFx migration framework, the new Portal will be of a much wider scope.

The Portal will be web application displaying and providing infrastructure to other applications hosted within the Portal:

  • The Portal will provide an overall, standardized layout for hosted applications
  • A hosted application must adhere to standards and interfaces exposed by the Portal
  • If a hosted application adheres to these standards, the Portal does not have to know what the application actually does
  • The Portal will provide basic services for the hosted applications, such as
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • User profile management
  • Standardized layout structure
  • Application integration (see below)

The Portal will of course still host the existing Tracker application, but will also be able to host other applications not tied to an executing migration.

The Portal will provide an infrastructure for the applications hosted by the Portal. This will allow the new applications to integrate.

A New Future 

An open Portal infrastructure will allow hopp more freedom to add future capabilities. These capabilities will enhance the migFx Framework, for the benefit of existing and future migFx users.

Examples could be:

  • A dashboard showing progress graphics and more
  • Push notifications to alert users to changes, progress, problems etc
  • Integration of the Director functionality to replace the existing Director Windows client
  • Optional access from mobile devices outside the intranet

Maybe even integrate the existing Studio functionality to replace the Studio Windows application and arrive at a more cloud-friendly version of migFx. 

Our ideas are many. Let us know what you think and keep in touch - more ideas will follow. 

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