Release 2021-10-11

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Lars Kjaersgaard
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Studio 1.7.*

  • As a new feature, columns on all Valuesets may now be marked as key. When a Valueset has key columns, these key will be enbforeced by the Director, when loading data into the Valueset
  • General settings for Translation Valuesets have moved from Director (Manage/Translation) to Studio
    • PartitionColumn
    • User Can Add/Delete Rows
    • Per Column
      • Is Read only
      • Not blank (only for non-nullable Char columns)
      • (Default Value has been removed)      

  • Additional Texts on Events has been replaced
    • Instead of Additional Text that were separate items that could be connected to zero or many Events, it is now possible to add User Guidance and Internal Instruction to any Event
      • User Guidance can be supplied in all supported languages and will be available to end users in the upcoming replacement for the Tracker application. Provide any useful guidance to assist the end user in understanding/resolving the Event
      • Internal Instruction is only available in Studio itself and can serve as useful hints for current and future Migration team members

Director 1.7.*

  • For Translation Valuesets, the settings Ignore (hide from Web and Validation) and Locked are still maintained in Director. Other settings are read only, as they are now managed in Studio
  • NB: Import and Export of an entire Translation Valueset for all partitions as well as Backup is still only available in Director
  • The entire management of Translation Valuesets will be removed from the Director in future release and moved to the upcoming replacement for the Tracker application

Engine Framework 1.7.*

  • Now carrying Translation Valueset settings forward to the Director Runtime deployment and ultimately to the Tracker application
  • Adding unique index for Key columns on Valuesets (if any)

Director Runtime 1.7.*

  • Updating Translation Valueset settings used by the Tracker on deploy
  • Guarding against Key duplicates on load Valueset (if any key columns are defined)


  • It is necessary to manually update all Translation Valuesets in Studio with the corresponding settings from Director. No automatic refactor is provided. Studio validation will flag the Valuesets to refactor, as they have no Partition Column identified
  • Before uninstalling previous version of Studio, please manually assess any existing Additional Texts and decide which to carry forward as User Guidance / Internal Instruction on Events
  • Please run the attached MigrationDb.04.sql refactor script in all migration databases 

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