Release 2022-06-10

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Lars Kjaersgaard
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Studio 1.9

  • Db refactor required, see below

  • Improved repository functionality

    • In general, on all repository views, the action buttons at the bottom have moved to a context menu in the list

    • New items in the context menu in the Item History
      • Compare with local... to compare your local version with any version in the repository (Ticket 913)
      • Check out... to check out any version (handle with care, items can be connected and you may need to do this for more items)

    • Mark 2 versions in the list to compare these

    • New Item in the context menu of the global Repository History
      • Get.. to retrieve the entire map at a given point in time

  • Searchable fields lists
    • Target- , Interface- or Export Fields can now easily be located in large lists

  • Find references on a Source View Field (part of Ticket 1345)

  • Source Map support for rename of Business Objects in the Target Map
    • Previously, if a Business Object was renamed in the Target Map, it would be unable to synchronize correctly with any existing Business Object in the Source Map because the Source Map matched the Business Objects on Name. Now the match is done on Item ID and Business Objects can be renamed in the Target Map without causing problems in the Source Map

Engine Framework 1.9

  • Modified duplicate key check in child Business Objects in Source Engine
    • Previously, a Business Object was rejected (Reject Root) if a duplicate key collision was detected on a child anywhere in the hierarchy
    • Now, a key collision will only result in a Reject Child of the child Business Object causing the collision
    • The behavior can still be switched off by supplying the command line option --SkipChildUniqueness to the SourceEngine generator

Libraries 1.9

  • Fix of edge case where the existence of a relationship dependency was not recognized by the Source Engine if no values from the target Business Object where used (Ticket 1629)

Director Client and Client Service 1.9 

  • Db refactor required, see below
  • Remove dependency on CLR assembly in migration database

Refactors and installations

  • Please back up concerned databases before refactor
  • Run the attached RespositoryDb.05.sql refactor script in your repository database
  • Run the attached MigrationDb.06.sql refactor script in all migration databases
  • Install Studio and Director Client on all workstations
  • Install Engine Framework on all Workstation and all migration servers
  • Install Director ClientService on master server

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