Item Manager Release 2

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Enhanced release with issue and task settings customization + links between items!

In Release 2 of the Item Manager the item settings are fully configurable within the application, with configuration available at both the Global and the Project level.

In addition, all lists of values such as Status, Priority, Time Unit, Impact, Probability are now configurable by adding new ones, rename the existing ones or remove them from usage for new items.

Settings can be also copied from other Projects, where the settings are manged at the Project level, as long as settings for the current Project are still managed at the Portal level. Items from the source Project can be copied at the same time as the settings.

New improvements have been added to the items list:

  • To extend the search to scan the Description of the items
  • Items with attachments can be easily identified by an icon displayed in the list.
  • Tags have been added to the filters available.
  • The list of Items can now be exported to Excel for distribution to non-Portal users.

Links between items can now be added. Any Item can be linked to another item in the list and link given a description to identify the relationship.

Users have the capability to navigate between linked items once the link has been established. When displaying the details of an item, a new section to display the Links appears after the History tab to show the linked items, add or remove links. In creating a peer-to-peer the list of items can be searched using a phrase from its title, the identifier or its own type.

Installation steps 

A. On a new environment

Please follow the steps from file '<checkout-folder>\Source\Web\Portal\Readme'

B. On an existing enviroment


- The current release of ItemMgr requires also updating the Portal itself with MigFx_Portal database

- The following steps are selected from file from '<checkout-folder>\Source\Web\Portal\Readme'

### Generate database migration scripts

- Run the following commands from `<checkout-folder>/Source/Web/Portal`


dotnet ef migrations script --idempotent --project .\Source\Portal\Api\MigFx.Portal.Api.Infrastructure  --startup-project .\Source\Portal\Api\MigFx.Portal.Api\ -c PortalDbContext --output ./portal.sql


- Execute the generated `portal.sql` on the MigFx Portal database

## Build Portal and Extension

- Run the following scripts from `<checkout-folder>/Source/Web/Portal`


.\DevOps\build.ps1 'build-output'


- Move the content of the generated 'build-output' to the `Physical Path` of the IIS site

Warning: IssueLite to be replaced by new Item Manager

As Item Manager is already having all the features of IssueLite Portal extension, the latter is going to be decommisioned with the final version is released after testing is complete.

The data stored in IssueLite database should be migrated to the new ItemMgr database after the install.

A migration script called IssueLiteMigration.sql is prepared to move the data across the 2 databases. It is made to execute the operations in one transaction and to rollback in case of errors.

Prerequisite: the migration is made after the seed data has been executed and it is recommended that NO custom settings have been done inside the Portal for Item Manager. Also, Portal database changes should be already applied.

IssueLiteMigration.sql execute instructions

1. Open the sql script in MSSQL Server Management Studio

2. Select from the Available Databases dropdown the target database MigFx_ItemMgr 

3. If the source database is not called MigFx_IssueLite, please replace in file the text [MigFx_IssueLite] with the real database name

4. If the source database is not called MigFx_Portal, please replace in file the text [MigFx_Portal] with the real database name

5. Run the script with the Execute button

6. The script is logging each step of the data migrated (issues, tags, logs, attachments)

7. When finished the last message should be: Process completed successfully. Otherwise, inspect at which step happened an error.

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