Release 1.10

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Lars Kjaersgaard
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Studio 1.10

  • It is now possible to control how the Portal groups Events based on their parameter values. Previously, the Portal grouped Events on all parameter values. In some cases, this made the grouping so specific that there were only 1 item pr group
    • Previously, Events where simply grouped by their parameter Values:
    • Now, you can refine this grouping in Studio:
      • The Portal will respect this grouping:
      • And finally, the list of Objects for a given grouping will show the un-grouped parameter values:
    • When creating a new Event - and also for existing Events from previous versions - is to group by all parameters

    • Existing events will behave as usual until the facility is being used. No refactoring is required

Engine Framework 1.10

  • Changes to Code generators in relation to Event grouping

Director Runtime 1.10

  • Db refactor required, please see below

  • Changes related to Event Grouping


Net 6.0

  • Net 5.0 is now out of official Microsoft support and Net 6.0 is the current version with long term support
  • All Net 5.0 applications are upgraded to Net 6.0
  • .NET Framework Applications (namely Studio and Director) are not affected
  • Install Director Agent on all Migration Servers

New DB2 DataServices Extension

  • This release includes a new DB2 DataServices extension for Metadata and Valuesets
  • This required minor changes to the common libraries shared with the Sql Server and Oracle DataServices Extensions. If you are using these extensions, they should be reinstalled on Migration Servers and Workstations

Minor updates to Sdk libraries

  • Development of additional modules has introduced minor, non-breaking changes to some Portal Sdk libraries
  • Portal and Extensions must be re-deployed 

Refactors and installations

  • Please back up concerned databases before refactor
  • Run the attached MigrationDb.07.sql refactor script in all migration databases
  • Install Studio on all workstations
  • Install Engine Framework on all Workstations and all migration servers
  • Install Director Runtime on master server
  • Install Director Agent on all Migration Servers
  • Redeploy Portal and Extensions
  • If relevant: Reinstall Sql Server and/ot Oracle DataServices Extensions on Migration Servers and Workstations

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