Release 2022-11-22 - Version 1.11

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  • Literals and Constants can now reference other constants
    • Read more about constant replacement here 
  • Sensitive information in parameters to DataServices can now be obfuscated using Secrets
    • Read more about secrets here.
  • Studio now allows assignments of  DataType Date to DataType Timestamp without validation error
  • Changes to which item buttons the Toolbar acts on
    • Previously, the Toolbar always acted on the selected, open item in the Document well (the selected tabbed document). This was non-standard UX
    • Now the Toolbar acts on the selected open item only if it has focus
    • If the user instead changes focus to an Item node in the Project Explorer tree view, the Toolbar acts on the Item represented by the node  
  • Fix that using a Null value for a Relationship lookup key in the Target Map resulted in an error when publishing Target Map
  • Fix that clicking on the column header of the column list in the Expanded Sql dialog on a Source View caused Studio to crash
  • Fix that using the Lookup Rule return types True if Found, false if not found and False if found, true if not found cause a validation error 0036: No Valueset output column specified on Lookup Rule
  • Fixes that Studio crashes when opening a Static Valueset from the Search result list. Ticket 2342

Director Client

  • When looking at the Events list for a Job in the Job list, the is now correctly grouped also for identical events with different Severity/Receiver (Ticket 2189) 
  • New administration of Secrets.  
    • Requires refactoring of the Master database

Engine Framework

  • The generated engine code is now friendly to unit test of Bags and Manual Rules
    • Read more about unit test here
  • Generated Bags now has a new method ResetProperties() to reset all generated Properties (defined in Studio) to default values 
  • No longer creates error files on bulk insert of source data (did occasionally cause errors when many concurrent load jobs)
  • The Engine Generators have been upgraded to use the new Visual Studio SDK project file format. Based on this upgrade, the generators now are able to keep track of all generated files
    • Obsolete files that are no longer generated are automatically removed
    • New files are automatically added
  • The generated engines are now targeting net standard 2.1 instead of .NET Framework 4.7.2
    • Refactoring of the *.csproj files for the engine projects is required. Contact hopp for assistance in this refactoring

Director Runtime

  • Replacement of Constant references
  • Replacement of secrets in parameters to DataServices
  • A new Delimit strings parameter has been added to the default Target Csv Unloader
  • Fix error that a change of a Metadata alias in Studio did not update the Source Table schema in Director on Setup Source Engine
  • Fixes that an obsolete translation valueset still shows in the Portal list of translation valuesets for the project (with ignore checkboxes). Ticket 2343
  • Requires refactoring 
    • Master database
    • Migration databases

Visual Studio Extension

  • The Visual Studio extension now supports both Visual Studio 2019 and earlier and Visual Studio 2022
  • The extension has been enhanced to assist in the creation of new rules and bags and also in creation of new Source- and Target Engine projects in Visual Studio
  • Read more about the new Visual Studio extension here


  • Migration
    • When importing a Translation Valueset
      • Values are now validated for data truncation (Ticket 2289)
      • Valueset is refreshed in the Portal after successful import (Ticket 2089)
    • Fix that the Portal did not show adjacent Event parameter placeholders correctly if no space between them ({0}{1}) 
    • Fix that baseline delta indicators did not work in Portal Statistic (Ticket 2225)
    • If an Event has no grouping parameters defined in Studio, the resulting single line in the intermediate, grouped event list in the Portal now has an explanatory text: Event has no grouping parameters

  • Director Administration moved to Portal Settings
    • From this release, the Portal Administrator users may configure Director Administration inside the Portal
    • Most of the screens are migrated one on one with their functionality at the global Portal level Settings. A set of improvements have been made with regard to UI in terms of matching the Portal look and feel and a couple of actions have been decommisioned.
    • Improvements:
      • The actions for managing an item of a list are now context menu actions that can be accessed by right click on a list row or using the context menu button
      • "Add" buttons are located now in the toolbars of the list
      • The Refresh button is no longer available as the pages are displayed with latest data every time they are visited
      • The Project Runtime is now managed inside a Project level setting without the need to specify the linked project. The functionality is very similar with Managing the plans or milestones
      • The dropdown filters in both Options and Tracks pages are now located in the toolbar instead of the bottom of the window
    • Changes in functionality
      • Projects Runtime list is no longer available as each of the Project runtime can be managed individually under a Project Setting context
      • Project runtime "Default Language" field has been removed. The languages are managed in the Project Settings inside the Portal
      • The connections strings are now simple TextBoxes strings without the Windows popup that allowes managing each of the connection string property

  • Subscriptions and Email Notifications
    • The Portal users may receive email notifications when an element that they subscribed to is changed by another user. This means that they are interested in any activity related to the element.
    • Requires refactoring of the Portal database
    • Read more about the new functionality here

Installation and Refactoring

  • All Workstations
    • Reinstall Studio
    • Reinstall Director Client
    • Reinstall Libraries
    • Reinstall Engine Framework
    • Uninstall VsExtension.vsix and install according to Visual Studio version  
      • VsExtension.2019.vsix: Visual Studio 2017 and 2019
      • VsExtension.2022.vsix: Visual Studio 2022 and newer

  • Master Server
    • Reinstall Director ClientService 
    • Reinstall Director Runtime
    • Redeploy Portal and 2 extensions: ItemMgr and Planning

  • Execution Servers
    • Reinstall Engine Framework

  • Database (please backup all databases before any refactor)
    • Run the attached MasterDb.02.sql in the Master database
    • Run the attached MigrationDb.08.sql in all Migration databases
    • Run the attached MigFx.PortalDb.Setup.sql in the Portal database

  • Visual Studio
    • Refactoring of existing engine project files (*.csproj) to new SDK format and netstandard2.1

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