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Links feature available for Test Areas and Issue Manager item copy feature


In the current release, Links feature has been extended also for Test Areas so that both Items and Areas could be interconnected to ease the navigation between these related elements.

The links control displays now in the whole portal 3 columns: Title, Linked date and Comment. 




The links of a test area can be displayed in a separate tab while only in a context of a Partition when the Test page is displayed. Note: even if the Area links can be managed within a Partition, the Areas can be linked to Items from any partition, but the links are displayed based on the current user permissions.




A link can be created at either end of the two types of elements. While searching for an area to link, the filter type Area may be used form the dropdown and a containing text. The text search is done based on the display name of the Area and the user language preferences.


Issue Manager items copy only feature is the third action for a Project that has portal level settings and no item created yet. A project with the same level of settings can be selected to copy over its items. Note: if the settings are managed at project level the copy action is not available.




When selecting a source project, the items of individual types can be selected. If the checkbox “Include items” is missing, it means that there are no items of that type to be copied. The copy button becomes enabled only if at least one “Include items” is checked. Note: the project settings remain managed at global level. 


Issue lite decommission

The previous Issue lite extension is removed from the Portal. For data migration of the obsolete functionality to the new Item Manager please see the following release notes: https://support.hopp.tech/support/discussions/topics/36000026705

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