Subscriptions and Email Notifications

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Subcriptions and Email Notifications

From v1.11 release, the Portal users may receive email notifications when an element that they subscribed to is changed by another user. This means that they are interested in any activity related to the element.

1. Subcriptions  

With this release the portal's users can subcribe to 2 types of elements inside the portal: items and areas.

The "Subscribe" button is represented by a bell icon. When the bell icon is filled in means that the user has subcribed to follow changes on that element.  

When the bell is empty inside it means that the user is not subscribed to that element.  

When a portal's user press subscribe button, a dialog is opened and the user is asked to add a comment to indicate the nature of its interest. The comment will be present in the email notifications received by the user. The comment field is not mandatory, when is left empty the email notification will contain a default comment which is "(No comment provided on subscription)".

A portal's user is able to subscribe to an element when it has been opened for view or edit.
The button for subscribe/unsubscribe to an item is positioned on the top right corner of item view and edit dialog.  


The button for subscribe/unsubscribe to an area is positioned on the top right corner of area view and edit page.  


There is a new filter on the list of elements that allows a user to include all the items to which they have Subscribed or asked to Follow.  

2. Email Notifications 

Whenever an element is edited and changed an email notification should be generated for any user connected with the item, i.e. any user has Subscribed to the element. In a future release, the user should be able to turn on/off email notifications.
The email is configured from 2 sections:
- subject: descriptive text to identify the element that has changed
- body: descriptive text for what has changed. These informations tell us which element has changed, what are the changes and who did the change. Other that this, here we can see the comment's that user added when subscribed to the element and a link to open the element that was changed.  

NOTE: the user should have a valid email address in their User Profile. With this release, the Email field is mandatory for new users.

3. Configuration setup

In order to setup the infrastructure for sending emails, the application will need to be configured with details of an SMTP server which can be used to deliver the email. The parameters for this are:
"SmtpServer": "(the name of SMTP provider, for instance or",
"Port": "(the port of SMTP provider, for instance 587)",
"SecureSocketOptions": "(way of specifying the SSL and/or TLS encryption that should be used, for instance None, Auto, SslOnConnect, StartTls, StartTlsWhenAvailable )",
"Username": "(name used to authenticate to the smtp server, for instance username)",
"Password": "(password used to authenticate to the smtp server, for instance password)",
"From": the from field for the email, suggest a generic migFx user be set up for this,
"DisplayName": "an alias for the from field for the email, suggest a generic migFx user be set up for this"

If the "EmailConfiguration" section is missing from appsettings file the emails won't be sent and the application won't crash.

If one of the above parameters are missing or incorrect, the application will crash.

More details can be found in file that is included in the source code.  

4. Installation requirements

In order for the changes to take place, the following projects need to be reinstalled: portal, iteemmgr, planning. In addition, on portal db needs to be generated and run the migration file.

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