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In App Notifications and Subscriptions Management 


From v3.3 release, the Portal users may receive in app notifications when an element to which they have subscribed is changed by another user. This means that they are interested in any activity related to the element. 


  1. Notification List 

With this release, the portal's users that have a subscription to an item or area can view generated notifications in the Portal.  

When a user logs in into the Portal, they should see a brand new sidebar menu called 'Notifications' (placed below user profile's icon). There is a bell in the menu title, when filled in it means that the user has unread notifications, otherwise all notifications have been read by the user. 

When this menu is expanded, it shows all generated notifications for that user.  

'Unread' notifications appear in bold. Their state transitions to "Read" when the user uses 'Mark as Read' action or when the user clicks on a notification in order to see the details. 

The photo below shows a list with all read notifications. 

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The web application allows the user to perform some actions for one, more or all notifications that are in the list.  

First, there are some checkboxes that users can use to select notifications from the list for which they intend to perform some action (read, unread or delete).  

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When there is at least one notification selected, the user can mark that one as read or unread, or it can choose to remove (soft delete) that notification from the list. When one or more notifications are removed from the list, those will not be visible for the user, but will be kept in the database.  

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  1. Notification Detail Dialog 

When the user clicks on a notification from the list, a dialog opens showing useful information regarding what happened with that element, including a link that can be used to navigate to that element. 

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  1. Configuration setup 

In order to setup the infrastructure for sending in app notifications, the application will need to be configured with parameters that are going to be used as a template of how the notification should look.  The parameters for this are:  

"TitleTemplate": "plain text that will be used in the summary section of the notification, for instance 'Hello World'", 

"DetailTemplate": "html text that will be used in the details section of the notification, for instance '<h2>This is an email</h2>'", 

"LogEntryTemplate": "html text that will be used inside the details's section in order to display change details taken from logs, for instance '&apos;<b>{0}</b>&apos; changed by <b>{1}</b>, Old Value: <b>{2}</b>, New Value: <b>{3}</b></p>'". 


In addition, configuration's parameters for email notifications have been updated. The changes are: 

"BodyTemplate" became "EmailBody"; 

"SubjectTemplate" became "EmailSubject"; 

"LogEntryTemplate" have been moved to 'Notification Configuration' section 


More details can be found in file that is included in the source code. 


  1. Subscriptions Management 

With this release, the portal's users are able to see, at user profile's level, all the elements to which they have subscribed in a centralized placed. In addition, from now on the application has a new configuration setting that allows the user to decide whether or not they want to receive email notifications. 


The photo below shows the brand new Subscriptions Management page: 

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On this page there is a list view that displays user's active subscriptions. The 'Title' section of the list is a hyperlink that allows user to navigate to the corresponding element. The list comes with a context menu that gives user the possibility to 'Unsubscribe' from that element.  

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The user can sort the elements in the list for each of the list columns or it can filter those by 'Project Name'. 

Last but not least, there is a new checkbox on the top of the list which user can use to activate/deactivate email notifications. 



 5. Installation requirements


In order for the changes to take place, the following projects need to be reinstalled: portal, itemmgr, planning. In addition, on portal db needs to be generated and run the migration file. 

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