Release 1.12 - Portal - Director Client integration

Posted 7 months ago by Daniel Vasiu

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Director Operations interface moved to Portal with real-time updates on Jobs statuses!  


Portal - Director Client integration 

  • Director Operations are available inside the Portal projects when the Track is setup 

  • The database connection selection is no longer needed as now the functionalities are inside the Portal

  • A track must be selected in one of the pages from Project menu (sections Home, Project, State) for Operations section to appear 


  • Depending on the Project migration type (Export or Migration) some of the menu items under Operations may not be displayed 

  • If a track is Archived, then the Operations menu section disappears 

  • Tracks state status and service status can now be visible inside the portal in one of the pages from Operations section. The colored dot represents the status of the track as per Director Client Windows application whereas the Service will appear only as a text “(service stopped)” when it is not running and without any other text when is running. 


  • Most of the Operations pages have the same functionalities as per Windows app. Below there is a side-to-side look of the Views screen: 

  • As a general functionality inside the pages, there are a few diferences regarding interacting with the actions available in a list: 

  • Actions related to one list item can be viewed with the context menu item on a single row: 

  • Actions related to multiple list items can be accessed using the context menu in the toolbar (3 dots button) on the right-hand side:

  • Some pages will be provided with Filtering and Sorting capabilities (as other pages within the Portal) 

  • Refresh button is available in the toolbar on the right-hand side. Note: every time the user navigates to a page, the displayed data is latest, so the Refresh button can be used only if the page was opened long time ago or it is expected data to be updated. 

  • Multiselection is available but differently from the Windows app. Usually, there should be a functionality available on multiple rows among actions from the context menu in the toolbar (3 dots button). For example, to Load views, there is a context menu item with the same name that will open a multiselect dialog as per screenshots below: 

  • Valuesets pages have been redesigned so that the items are displayed in one single list with the possibility of filtering by type. 

  • Track and Jobs pages are real-time updated, so they no longer need a refresh button. In Jobs page, the status and the elapsed time are live updated without any need to reload manually the data or the page. 

  • For Job priority or batch size changes, there must be used the context menu button above the restart area tree on the center right-hand side. The option is available only for running jobs. 

  • File transfer dialogs is working similar with the Windows app variant, but with a few limitations:

  • drag and drop works only to upload files
  • download files cannot be used with drag and drop, only with context menu items on each row or by using the multiselect action from the list context menu (3 dots button on top right-hand side)
  • when selecting to upload or update a file, the local path is not displayed due to security limitation inside the Browsers


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