Release 1.12 - hotfix 2023-08-10

A minor hotfix to Release 1.12 is available on the Download Page :


  • Increased timeout on all migFx Supplied DataServices (Sql Server, Oracle, DB2)
    • Currently, the command timeout for load of Valueset through the migFx supplied DataServices, is fixed at 30 seconds
    • This hotfix increases the fixed value to 600 seconds (10 minutes)
    • In upcoming version 1.13, the timeout will be exposed as a parameter on the dataservices

  • In order to take this hotfix:
    • Download and install relevant DataServices on Workstations and Execution Servers
    • Version is 1.12.1

Runtime and Portal

  • Using the new Target Parser functionality in Release 1.12, it is possible - in a manual method - to remove a Target Object from the generated target data

    • var targetObject = TargetItem.Enumerate.Tgt.Account().FirstOrDefault();
      if (targetObject != null)

      This causes the the target object in the target xml to be marked with a removedBy attribute documenting which method did the remove

    • 2 issues in Release 1.12 are fixed with this hotfix
      • The target object with the removedBy attribute was not excluded from the unload of the target data, so the remove did in fact not have any effect
      • The Portal did not display the remove information when inspecting the target data for an object

  • In order to take this hotfix, download and install/deploy
    • The Migration Client extension in the Portal (version 1.12.1)
    • The Director Runtime on the Master Server (version 1.12.5)
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