Custom validation for Translation Valuesets (Devops 2988)

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Knowledge - hopp
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Allow the user to define validation logic for Translation Valuesets in the Studio to be applied via the Portal.

There are a number of alternative validation options that should be considered:

  1.  Comparing a column in the Translation Valueset to predefined set of values (i.e. another valueset).
  2.  Applying custom code to one or more columns in a Translation Valueset.
  3.   Defining the format of a column in a Translation Valueset to be checked, e.g. Date.

The validation could be applied in two ways:

  1.  When the row is saved in the Portal.
  2.   By running a job against the Valueset in the Director.

The former will require an architectural change to the Portal to give it access to the code in the VisualStudio project.

Another option is for the Export job to check the validation status of the Translation Valuesets when it is submitted and warn if any has an error.

Validation could be defined as new rule types in Studio: 

  • RowValidationRule: Validates a single row
  • SetValidationRule: Validates the entire Valueset
  • Can be Manual or Lookup rules

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