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The migFx Portal should be enhanced with a set of reporting and query features to allow the user:


  1. to easily CREATE QUERIES against the different data areas (source data (Export), target data (Import), and other intermediate data as well as Delivery data. Simple queries should be possible by only selecting data sets, simple joins, sorting, and filters.
  2. to save the result in files (CSV, ...) or Print to PDF, etc...
  3. to access any shared Queries/Reports made by other users or by Admin. 

Maybe this is best achieved by incorporating Power BI or other third-party queries/reporting tool info migFx.

This Generic option will allow users with limited knowledge of the data sets and SQLro to access the data for reporting, testing, and verification purposes.


It also provides a platform for us to deliver reports and for the project to develop their own reports targeted to the specific use-case. 

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