The previous exercise explained about Team Users and Partition Users. In addition it was mentioned that some aspects of the Tracker application can be customized. This exercise will show where this takes place.


Authorization is managed through the Director. There are 2 major levels of authorizations:

  • Global authorizations including high-level authorization of migFx administrators, operators and team members. These authorizations are global for all migration projects
  • Project authorizations effective only for specific projects

Global Authorizations

To access the Global Authorizations, open the migFx Administration window in the Director

From the left hand menu tree you can maintain the users for the different authorizations

The global authorization levels are

Full authorization for all actions in the migFx Director and Tracker, including access to the migFx Administration. In your Trainee setup, you have Administration access.

Administrators have the All Partitions access do not appear in Team member drop downs in Tracker and cannot be assigned as Team Anchor on Events
Similar to Administrator, but Operators cannot access migFx Administration
Team and Team Plus
This authorization is used for members of the Migration team. Users with this authorization will appear in the Team Anchor drop down and have the All Partitions access in Tracker.

Team Plus gives access to the Project Administration for all projects to assign Partition Users
Limited view access to Director and Tracker

Project Authorizations and Customization

To access Project Authorizations open the Manage Project windows for the project in the Director menu:


In the left hand menu, you can maintain authorizations and customize information for the Project, but you can also maintain authorizations and customize information for the Partitions of the Project. Finally you can add or remove Partition values to the project.

Select the Project node in the left hand tree menu to modify authorizations and customize information for the Project

1 - Authorizations

Adding users to the authorization list gives these users access to the All Partitions level in the Tracker. It does not include them as members of the Migration team. 

2 - Default LanguageIf a user in the Tracker has not selected any language under settings, Event Messages for the project wil be displayed in this language
3 - PartitionLabelThis is the label displayed in the Partition Box in the Tracker
4 - AreaThe Area can translate the Receiver values from Studio (Source, Migration and Target)
5 - Default LevelWhen a new Event is encountered it will be assigned this level depending on the Receiver of the Event 
6 - Default Team AnchorWhen a new Event is encountered it will be assigned to this Team Anchor depending on Business Object
7 - Out of ScopeA check mark in Out of Scope will hide this Business Object from the Director and the Tracker for all Tracks belonging to this project


Select one of the Partition nodes in the left hand tree menu to modify authorizations and customize information for this Partition 

1 - LabelThis is the label displayed for this Partition value in the Tracker Partition box
2 - AuthorizationsAdding users to the authorizations list gives these users access to the Partition in Tracker - and to no other Partitions. These users will appear in the User drop down when assigning responsible Partition user to Events

What happened here?

This exercise did not really ask you to do anything. But for completenes we wanted to show you, where Tracker (and other) authorizations are maintained and the options you have to customize the Tracker interface.