Abort Item processing on Flag

Modified on Fri, 13 Oct 2023 at 07:08 PM

This is a detailed topic in our support portal in the Using Hopp series and assumes that you have some prior knowledge or experience using Hopp. 

In both the Source- and the Target Engine, if a flag is handled with a System- or User Event with the disposition Full or Partial discard, the item in question will be discarded. This means that the item will not flow on to the next step in the Migration process (a Discard disposition in the Source Engine means that the item will not be available for the Target Engine and a Discard disposition in the Target Engine means that the item will not be delivered to the Target System).

However, regardless of the disposition state, in both engines the processing of the item normally continues to end anyway. 

This is to get all possible events from the processing in order to be able to handle and correct more events at once. But sometimes a situation is so severe that continued processing of the item does not make sense and only creates a swarm of derived events that clutter up the Portal and the picture in general. 

In these cases you can abort the processing of an item in response to a given flag.

This can be achieved by checking the Abort checkbox for the flag indicating that further processing of the item should be aborted if this flag is raised. 

The Abort checkbox is only available if the Action is different from Ignore and the Disposition is either Full or Partial discard.

If Abort is checked for a given flag, this will show up as an exclamation point (!) in the Events column of the parent list:


Searching for the term 'abort' will find all occurrences of flags with check in Abort


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