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Have you ever looked for a child Business Object deep in the hierarchy somewhere. You know it is there, but you cannot even remember under which root Business Object to start looking. It may well take a while to expand and collapse enough Business Objects and their children before you find what you're looking for.

With the release of Studio version 1.4.1 it is now a simple exercise to search for any Business Object by name. What is more, the search is not limited to name only. Furthermore, the search is not limited to Business Objects. You can search in basically everything and you can limit the search only to look in certain item types.

Search is available in the Studio toolbar:

and also in the Tools menu:

Activating Search from the toolbar, from the Tools menu or with keyboard shortcut Ctrl-F will display the Search Dialog:

1Enter a search term
2Toggle case sensitive search
3Toggle whole word only search
4Select the item types to search
5Select what content to search in the selected item types. Only options relevant to the selected item types on the left are enabled

Click the Search button (or hit enter) to perform the search. The Search results are displayed in the Search tool window at the bottom edge of Studio:

Initially the list will show the items containing the Search Term. By clicking the the expand icon in the leftmost column of the list, you can expand a row to see exactly where in the item the Search Term was found:

The columns in the search results contain:

ItemThe path to the item, or - for child rows - the sub path within the item
HitThe content type that contains the search hit
ValueThe value containing the search hit
InfoMay contain extra information relevant to the search. For instance, if searching in Static Valueset data, the Info column will contain the row number and the column name of the cell containing the value that satisfied the search

Double-click any row to open the item in Studio. As always, the leftmost buttonin the toolbar exports the search result list to Excel.

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