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You add a Target Object to a Business Object from the Target Tab:

Click the Add... button to add a new Target Object. If the button is disabled, you probably need to checkout the Business Object. This will open the Select Target dialog used to select the metadata to add as a new Target Object. 

The metadata to choose from is imported on one of the Metadata nodes added to the project. In the sample screenshot above, there is only one called Target (marked in red frame). But it is common to target more than one Metadata.

1Select from which Metadata to select the target. When a new Metadata is selected in the drop down, the list of targets (4) is refreshed

2Type in the Search field in order to filter the list of targets

3Choose whether filter searches for the text a the start of or anywhere in the target names

4The filtered list of targets in the Metadata. Choose the target for the new Target Object in this list

5This is a facility to automatically assign Target values to the fields in the new Target Object. The facility is only available, if at least one other Target Object with the same target is already mapped to the Business Object.

To use the facility, check the checkbox and then - in the drop down - select the existing Target Object to use for the Target values of the fields in the new Target Object.

6You can name the new Target Object. This allows you to distinguish when the same target Metadata is mapped more than once to the Business Object

7Choose what happens after the new Target Object has been created

Once you click the Ok button, the new Target Object will be created. If you have chosen to assign values from an existing Target Object, all the fields of the new object will be mapped with Target Values pointing to the existing Target Object. If not, the fields of the new Target Object will be assigned values in accordance with the setting Default values for new, nullable fields for the Target Map.