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Have you ever had to assign values to a long list of Target Fields on a Target Object, where most of the values must come from Interface Fields that you first must add to the parent Business Object? If so, you have probably found this task to be long and tedious:

  1. On the Target Object, remember the name and Data Type of the Target Field to be assigned
  2. Go to the parent Business Object and create an Interface Field with a suitable name, correct Data Type, and a good description
  3. Return to the Target Object, choose Value Type Interface, select the correct Business Object and afterwards select the new Interface Field

If there are a lot of Target Fields to process in this way, it does indeed get a bit annoying. The good news is that with release 1.1.19 of Studio, we have introduced an Auto... feature in the Target Field list of a Target Object to do most of this for you automatically.

You find the Auto... feature as a button on the Target Field list:

Clicking the Auto... button will open a dialog to automatically assign Interface Values (or Null Values) to all Target Fields that currently have a None value. The beauty of it is that the feature will automatically create new Interface Fields in the parent Business Object for you - of course only if they do not already exist.

If you choose As Is, the proposed Interface Field names will be exactly as the Target Field names. Beautify will change the proposed names to Title case and remove any underscores.

Check-in Skip for the fields you do not want to automatically map. All fields are initially marked Skip when you open the dialog.

Check Null for the field want to map with a Null value. The Null checkbox is only available if the data type of the Target Field is nullable (suffixed with a ?).

The entire Null column is only visible if the setting Default value for new, nullable fields is set to None for the Target Map.

Check-in Interface if you want to create an Interface Field on the parent Business Object and an Interface Value to this Interface Field. It is only possible to assign Interface Values in this way if the parent Business Object is open and checked out to you.

If you wish, you can edit the proposed names for the new Interface Fields on the Business object. Once edited, the name will no longer be touched if you change between As Is and Beautify. Studio will automatically create the Interface Field for you if an Interface Field with the same name does not already exist. You can only type a name if you have checked Interface.

Enter a Description for the new Interface Fields. You can only type a description if you have checked Interface.

When you click the Ok button, Studio will automatically create any missing Interface Fields on the parent Business Object, with the names and descriptions you have provided and with the same Data Type as the Target Field. Studio will automatically assign Interface or Null Values to the Target Fields as specified.

After clicking the Ok button, the fields are mapped on the Target Object, and the new Interface Fields are created on the parent Business Object:

New Interface Fields are added at the end of the list. You can use the Move up and down buttons to rearrange.