Exercise 1.2 – Import Target System Metadata

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The Target Map is the starting point for the exercises to follow. Please make certain that you have the Workshop Target Map open in Studio.

At this point, the Target Map only knows the metadata from the Target System concerning Accounts and Customers. Target System contains two target structures holding Card data. One structure is called Card and the other Card_Status.

These two target structures are not currently part of the target metadata available in the Workshop Target Map.

Import Target Metadata

In this exercise, you must import new target metadata to get the metadata for Card and Card_Status:

Open the Target metadata item

  • Project Explorer -> Metadata -> Target, double click
  • If the Metadata is not already checked out, then you need to check it out in order to be able to modify it 

Check that the metadata for Card and Card_Status is not already part of existing Target metadata.

  • Click on the Metadata tab
  • Type Card in the Filter
  • If the list is empty, metadata for the Card structures is missing

Check out the Target Item

  • Click on the Checkout button in the Toolbar(or right-click the item in the tree view and select Checkout)
  • and then click Check Out

Import the metadata

  • On the Metadata tab, click the Import button
  • In the dialog, you must overwrite folder and filename:
    • Folder:  D:\MigFx\Training\Trainee\XX\MigFx\Metadata, please replace XX with your trainee number
    • FileName: Metadata.Target.xlsx

      OBS: Please ensure that you do not have the Target.Metadata.xlsx file open in Excel as this will cause the import to fail (because Excel holds an exclusive lock on the file).

      Check that both the Card and Card_Status metadata structure are imported into the Metadata list with Usage set as Active. If Usage is not set to Active, you can do it yourself by selecting usage Active in the dropdown on each of the 2 rows

      Save your work by clicking the Save button in the Toolbar(or right-click the item in the Project Explorer treeview and select Save, or keyboard shortcut ctrl-s)

      Commit the Target metadata item

      • Click on the Commit button in the Toolbar(or right-click the item in the Project Explorer treeview and select Commit)
      • Then add a suitable commit message and click Commit

      What happened here?

      You have now imported the metadata for the target structures for the Card and Card_Status, ready to use when creating the Business Objects for Card and Card_Status. 

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