migFx comes with already build reporting and tools to support any data migration project. 

There might however be a need to supplement migFx capabilities for the specific project in the area of data analysis and project reporting. We suggest that Power BI from Microsoft is used to supplement migFx should such a need exist.

Power BI is a leading business intelligence platform that combines an intuitive user experience with industry-leading advanced analytics. Using Power BI to support a data migration especially in the early phases (Discovery) and in the later phases (Reconciliation) will in many cases deliver significant benefits to the project. 

Leveraging the migration data contained in migFx's database with Power BI will enhance the understanding of the data to be migrated and uncover insights - all with industry-leading security and performance.

What is Power BI:

  • A Business analytics tools for visualising and sharing insights
  • Get data from 100s of sources with Power Query
  • Model your data with Power Pivot
  • Create compelling, interactive reports and dashboards
  • Collaborate and share reports inside and outside MigFx
  • Automatically refresh reports

For more on what Power BI is read here!


Now there are two main Power BI tools, there is the Power BI Desktop App. This enables migFx to gather data from any data migration projects or source data, from which interactive reports and dashboards can be created.

The Power BI Service enables migFx's clients to collaborate and share the dashboards, check data validations, map data models, etc.


Apps in Power BI are software programs designed for mobile users to interact with their migrated data. It connects with both On-premises and On-cloud data, which helps the user to view shared dashboards and reports through Power BI Report Server.

Benefits of Power BI to migFx's clients

  • Accumulates all the content in one place, so the user doesn’t have to remember the names of all reports and can easily access them on browsers and mobile devices. 
  • migFx can schedule how often the data gets refreshed. The user gets notified of the changes done by migFx or can directly see them on the interface. 
  • migFx can set restrictions and permissions for certain parts of a report. Now, the users can only access a portion of the report, that the author wants them to see.
  • migFx can customize the interface based on the requirements and the users it will be shared with. 

We are happy to engage with you to explore the specific needs your organisation and project have to ensure that migFx and Power BI delivers what you need.