Most data migrations contain sensitive data and access should be carefully managed to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing, changing or curupting data. 

When implementing Power BI due consideration should be given to which and how users should access the data, reports or dashboards.

There are two ways migFx can deliver this information to the users.

1. "Publicly" available web page

This again would be based on the user's preferences, but essentially this will be a URL link which could be sent directly to users or accessed through the migFx Portal.

2. Embedded into the Portal

Here we can add the dashboard to the HTML code of the Portal and have the dashboard appear where necessary.

Let's look at an example using our migFx training project called "Workshop". Here we see some statistics from the data migration like Export Failures, Export Results, Import Failures and Imported Total Failures.

As an example using Power BI, we could replicate the Business Objects Customers, Account and Card in a dashboard and provide a visual measurement, i.e.

This dashboard enables a user to establish the Total Failures, the Imports Failures how much data is imported for each Objects and so on. This gives a quick and precise overview of the current stage of a migration.

This illustration is the same as above but with Card selected, showing all measurements for the Business Object "Card".

This dashboard can be built and incorporated into the Portal with HTML.

Access a live dashboard here: Statistic Dashboard Live connection to Data Warehouse.