The migFx Portal is a web application presenting the results of the migration to all stakeholders, it presents the results that were stored when the latest migration iteration executed the Export and the Import.

The Publish job does not provide new information, it will just sum and aggregate the Business Object instances and Events in the migration result to help the Portal to be as responsive as possible.

As such Power BI connects directly to the data warehouse, which essentially is the same jobs which are feeding the Portal.

In order to design a dashboard that makes sense, a data model is required.

Within the data warehouse, it is best practice to centralise all data being fed to a Power BI dashboard, this ensures speed and processing efficiency between loads.

MigFx has a database called "Power BI", within this database, the data model is as follows.

The model brings the columns needed to generate understandable data into a master table called  ([Events_Language_Partition_master]). Form here Power BI is connected and we can replicate the Events tab of the Portal.

Giving us a dashboard as illustrated below.

To see this dashboard live, please request access from the link below.

Event Dashboard Live connection to Data Warehouse