migFx is a comprehensive solution for data migrations. The generic nature of migFx implies that there might be projects that have specific requirements and circumstances that need to be addressed specifically to that project. 

There are several common situations or use cases where Power BI could be used to extend or supplement the capabilities of hopp.

These could be:

  • Support the Discovery phase (pre-migration investigations)
  • General progress project reporting
  • To Reconcile data between the source and target 

There might be other specific cases but lets start by looking at the ones mentioned. 

General progress

Power BI enables effortless trend analysis and other general reporting. It helps to quickly analyse current and historical events, and predict future events, like potential growth or decline in error validations over a time period.

You can use different types of visualizations to perform trend analysis. Examples include the Area Graph, Line Graph, Histogram, Bubble Chart, Spiral Plot, and Steam Graph.

These solutions typically provide detailed dashboard and visualization design tools so that you can apply best practices to your chosen charts and graphs, such as colour, font, and rich media customization to make each visual custom-tailored to migFxs' audiences.

A client of migFx can look at the amount of Events which has occurred over time. An Event is the migration results, it provides collaboration functionality enabling the users to keep track of the state of Events, including (new, fixed, accepted, recurring etc.) 

Here Power BI could highlight all new, fixed, accepted, and recurring elements of an event, plus looking at the development over time.

Power Bi isn't just limited to this, all components of the Event can be visually represented. these can be aggregated into numbers and counted over time.

Components such as:

  • Business object
  • Items 
  • Severity 
  • Reject Root 
  • Reject Child 
  • Error 
  • Warning 
  • State 
  • New 
  • Resolved 
  • Regression 
  • Accepted 
  • Active 
  • Done 

Can all be visually represented, and placed into a graph like below.

avenuesOnce a data model has been developed, there are many avenue we then can explore, such as identify correlation between operations and results faster, fostering more business users to interact with their data, easier trend analysis and exploration and so on.



Comparing or Reconciling data which has been migrated from a source system to a new target system is typically done in compiled migration to ensure that key data elements have been migrated as expected.  

Reconciliation provides clarity in data validation and we would immediately see errors and identify patterns.

A few things Power Bi offers in this scenario is

  • Visualized data is processed faster
  • Shows insights that may be missed in traditional reports
  • Errors are immediately spotted
  • Validations can be isolated and immediately actioned.

The above are the basic advantages of Power BI, but Power BI offers a lot more.

Support the Discovery phase (pre-migration investigations)

Please click here to see details on the Discovery phase