This is a detailed topic in our support portal in the Using migFx series and assumes that you have some prior knowledge or experience using migFx. If you want to know more about hopp tech and migFx, our comprehensive solution for complex data migration, please visit our web site

Every user in the migFx Portal is assigned a role that determines what the user is authorized to do in the Portal and the Director.

These are the possible roles:

  • External
  • Team
  • Manager
  • Operator
  • Administrator


This role is meant for users that are not part of the migration team but are involved in the migration project primarily to test the migration results. 

An external user must specifically be authorized for a Project in migFx in order to access the portal for that project, and no other.

Furthermore, the external user can be authorized for all Partitions on the Project - or only to a specific Partition. In a project migrating several Partitions (legal entities), there may be a project manager appointed by these Partitions to manage the overall business side of the migration.

This person can be given access to all Partitions for the Project. Others users, belonging to a specific legal entity, can be given access only to the corresponding Partition .

An external user has access to all Events, Items, and Tests that relate to the Partitions to which they have been granted access.


The Project and Partition specific authorization only concerns the External user role. All other roles are considered internal and have access to all Projects and all Partitions therein.   

Internal users can be assigned to Project Teams to define which Projects a given user is working on. When assigning responsibilities in the Portal for handling events, only users in the Project Team for that Project can be selected.


A Team user is working in the migration team. This user can see and handle Events, access Items, and access Tests for all Partitions . The user is typically involved in developing the migFx migration mapping in Studio and will normally access the Portal to investigate and resolve Events, create and update Items, and to assist External users.


The Manager role builds on the Team role and can additionally create users, manage the External user authorizations and also assign other Internal users to the Project Team.


The Operator role builds on the Manager role. The Operator can set the values of the Parameters for a given migration and submit all the necessary jobs the to execute the migration (load Source Data, load Valuesets and Views, execute Source- and Target Engine, unload migration result, etc).


The Administrator role builds on the Operator role and has unlimited access to all migFx functionality. The Administrator can manage the migFx operational setup of Tracks, Servers, Projects etc.

Only Administrators can assign the Administrator role to other users.