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In the Portal, we can select Authorization to see and assign the different user's authorisation levels across Projects and Partitions.

hopp is able to migrate multiple Projects each with separate legal businesses or areas. In order to limit what one group of users can see, hopp maintains a strict separation of the data in Projects and Partitions. In hopp we say the data is separated into Projects and Partitions.

hopp can also selectively authorize users to see results for only one Partition and not any other Partition. Users with access to one or more Partitions can only see the results for this/these Partitions and not data or results for other Partitions included in the migration project. 

In the illustration below you can see who is authorised as part of a project team and their partitions.

Partition users from the business(es) being migrated will not have global authorization and will only be authorized to see data for their respective Partitions. 

In several places, the Portal user interface differs depending on whether you are a Team Member or a Partition User.


There are 2 major levels of authorizations:

  • Team: Global authorizations including high-level authorization of migFx administrators, operators and team members. These authorizations are global for all migration projects
  • External: Project authorizations are in effect only for specific projects. External users must explicitly be authorized for specific projects/partitions

Terminology: External users that have been authorized for a given Partition are also referred to as Partition Users.

This section gives you the ability to add users to a Project and authorise them to a respective Partition.

Click the plus symbol which is located beside "Project Team".


This brings up all the users that can be added to a project, tick a user and then click save to proceed.

The same principle applies to the Users authorized for all Partitions, however, this section allows you to make the selected users a Division One User or a Division Two User as illustrated below.

You can also create a Partition user based on a selected value data range/set. Click the plus symbol on the Project Team box and you will get the below.

This allows you to look for values within a data set and create a Partition with a label.

Click the Action Context Menu as illustrated below.

This allows you to modify a Partition by editing or removing it.

In the final section of the Authorisation page the box with the heading Users authorized for 30 - 30 Bank 30 box, is a summary of the selected Value Data range, which is in the Partition box to the left.

Here you can also make the selected users a Division One User or a Division Two User.

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