Scope and Plan

Modified on Wed, 31 May 2023 at 10:27 PM

When the project team discuss and scope a new data migration project, the project enters into process, where hopp can be used to clearly define and establish the scope of the migration project. 

To support this process, a Plan containing the Scope is established using hopp. The starting point is a copy of a Template. The user can choose to include only a subset of areas relevant to the Country and ProjectType (Dimensions) of the project in question.

To kick off the scoping phase, a ‘scope document’ can be exported from the Planning module. The document will contain the top levels of the hierarchy of business areas as decided by the user by marking the areas to be included.

During the scoping phase areas that came from the Template may be marked as irrelevant for this particular project (out of scope). For instance, a loan-centric Internet bank may not have any Bank Guarantees at all etc..

The other way around, discussions with the project/customer may uncover business areas that are not part of the Template. In this case, new business areas can be added to the Plan.

If the decision result in a project, the Planning Extension can freeze a snapshot of the Plan representing the agreed/signed scope. The Planning Extension should be able to freeze a version of the agreed Plan at this point and export it to serve as an appendix to the project contract.

The Plan then enters into a phase of analysis where lower-level business requirements/areas are discussed and analysed with the project/customer. At the end of this phase, all business areas of the Plan have been marked whether they are part of the migration project or not.


Only authorized members of the migration team can work on a Plan.

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