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As outlined in the introduction, the Source System metadata imported into the Source Map, eventually will result in corresponding tables being created in the Staging database created and maintained by the generated Source Engine. The Source Engine will then load the data received from the Source System into these tables.

A View is simply an Sql query that you can define on top of these staging tables. The Source Engine will then execute this query and store the result in yet another table in the Staging database. In addition to the staging tables corresponding to the Source metadata, the view query can also use the staging tables for other views and indeed also for Valuesets. 

Views are very powerful in the Source Map. They can be used to clean, transform and aggregate data received from the Source System. 

A View consists of 3 main parts:

  • A list of columns (name and data type) exposed by the View, usable elsewhere in the Source Map
  • An Sql query that results in these columns - in correct order and matching data types
  • Possibly some Named Values to pass parameters to the View

The meaning of the columns are as follows:

hopp analyzes the view query and builds indexes to help it run. The number indicates how many iterations hopp did, before it decided that the query could not be optimized any further. If interested, you can click the blue link to see the query plan (takes a little while as it launches Sql Server Management Studio to visualize the query plan).
Loaded Date
The exact time the data for the view was loaded into the staging table.
The time it took to load the view.
A baseline for the row count of the view. You can update the baseline by clicking the Baseline button.
Row count
The number of rows loaded into the staging table
  • Green if equal to Baseline
  • Red if blank (not loaded)
  • Yellow if different from baseline

For each Business Objects within the View panel, you can use the context menu to Load, Optimise, view Dependencies and Download the query plan.

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