The previous exercise explained Team Users and Partition Users. Users are managed in the Portal in the Users panel:


There are 2 major levels of authorizations:

  • Team: Global authorizations including high-level authorization of migFx administrators, operators and team members. These authorizations are global for all migration projects
  • External: Project authorizations are effective only for specific projects. External users must explicitly be authorized for specific projects/partitions

Terminology: External users that have been authorized for a given Partition are also referred to as Partition Users

Team Authorizations

The Team authorizations are:

Full authorization for all actions in the migFx Portal Operations and Portal, including access to the migFx Administration. In your Trainee setup, you have Administration access.

Administrators have the All Partitions access and do not appear in Team member drop downs in Portal Operations and cannot be assigned as Team Anchor on Events
Similar to Administrator, but Operators cannot access migFx Administration
Team and Manager
These authorizations are used for members of the Migration team. Users with one of these authorizations will appear in the Team Anchor drop down and have the All Partitions access in the Portal.

Manager gives a bit extra access to the Project Administration for all projects to assign Partition Users

External Authorizations

You authorize External users for projects and partitions on the project itself. Here on the Workshop Project:

What happened here?

This exercise did not really ask you to do anything. But for completeness, we wanted to show where and how authorizations are maintained.