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The purpose of these Introduction articles is to provide a basic understanding of the software, how the software functions, how the different software components play their roles in the data migration process and finally how they integrate internally as well in the external context of where the data migration takes place. 

The articles should provide you with a good, overall understanding of the software and how this software is a comprehensive solution targeted specifically for data migration projects.

hopp data migration software includes components capable build to handle the process of complex data migrations.


The software supports all aspects of data migration, from the mapping and implementation of various rules, through the actual execution of the data migration right through to the migration results - including support for managing scope, progress and the workflow for testing and tracking including resolving events and problems occurring during the migration. 

The key concept of hopp directly addresses these main concerns, providing robust and complete support that greatly mitigates or indeed eliminates them.

Business Objects


It is valuable to guard the notion that the data being migrated in most cases in fact represents express business concepts that must remain intact after the data migration. 

Mapping and implementation


The mapping of the source data to the target data must be specified and maintained and the functionality to perform the migration in accordance with the specification must be developed and maintained.

Execution and in-time assessment


The migration must be executed, the quality of the migration result must be documented and – in case of unacceptable migration incidents/events – it must be possible to re-execute part or all of the migration. 

The mass of detail can be daunting, and another aim of the following articles is to provide just enough information on each component to facilitate an overall understanding of the processes and functions involved and in this manner, prepare the reader further to explore other aspects and documents of the framework. When planning and executing complex data migrations several key issues often prove challenging.

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