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The entire hopp software solution can be implemented and run on one, single machine – even a laptop. This can be useful for demonstration and prototyping and similar purposes. However, in any context involving larger amounts of data, many different users and maybe even many separate migration projects running in parallel, hopp can scale up to a more elaborate setup.

A sample hopp configuration may look like this:

  • Users directly working on the migration project have a Project PC with these local installations
    1. Studio so they can collaborate on the mapping. Users all connect the Studio to the same Mapping Repository Database residing on a Master Server 
    2. The Code generators so they can get the latest version of the mapping, publish it from Studio, and use the code generator to generate new engine code
    3. Visual Studio to implement manual rules and build and deploy migration engines in the runtime environment 
    4. The Portal to initiate and monitor jobs in the Runtime environment
    5. A Web browser to view the migration events and results and to collaborate on these
  • Users working outside the migration project, typically involved in the testing and quality assurance, only need a web browser to view the migration events and results and to collaborate on these
  • A single Master Server typically contains the database serving as a repository for Studio and the Master Database of Runtime, containing housekeeping of all Execution Servers and Tracks. The Master Server also hosts the Portal on an Internet Information Server instance
  • One or more Execution Servers contain the Runtime libraries and Services as well as the databases and folders necessary to run migration iterations for separate migration projects in one or more Tracks. One Execution server may be allocated to serve as Master Server as well

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