Changes with potential Customer impact

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This article outlines changes that Hopp is considering, planning or has implemented in the Hopp software that may require development or other effort beyond normal refactoring in connection with a new release. 

Impactful changes of this kind are in fact rare, but when they on occasion do occur, this articles serves at a way for Hopp to make our customers aware in good time and leave ample time to react.

Whether effort is actually required by a given customer depends on the change it self and also whether the change is relevant for the customer installation. For instance, a change the Hopp public interface for a given to a given extension is only relevant for customers that have implemented an instance of the given extension.

Other changes may be of wider impact, especially changes that changes the context in which Hopp executes. For instance changes to authentication methods.

Changes fall in 3 different groups reflected in the sections of this article:

Under considerationHopp is considering a change that may have consequences for customers.

Hopp invites customer feedback and may modify or abandon the planned change as a result.

PlannedThe change is planned or under implementation.

Hopp will always give customers amble notice of upcoming changes. Normally a minimum of 3 months.

In specific instances Hopp may be forced to implement a change with shorter notice - for instance if the change is required to mitigate a serious security risk or if the change is considered to be of minor impact.

DeliveredChanges that have been delivered by Hopp.

Under consideration

None at the moment


Decommissioning of Windows Authentication - December 2024

The Windows authentication method for the Hopp Portal will be removed. Customers using Windows Authentication will be required to change to either In-app authentication (sign in form) or External Authentication (EntraID) before the end of 2024

Read more: Setting up External Authentication

Addition of attributes to Source, Interface and Target Xml - 2.4 Autumn 2024

Today it is only possible to view the current xml for for the 3 stages of a migrated Business Objects.

Version 2.4 will contain opt-in versioning of the migrated xml. If opting in, Hopp will store deltas for previous versions. This will make it possible to see the xml in earlier versions and do comparisons in the Portal.

In this connection, key attributes will be added to the migrated Source, Interface and Target Xml as illustrated below.

Source Xml

Interface Xml

Target Xml


New Audit interface - Delivered in Release 2.2, April 2024

The interfaces used by audit extensions to both collect audit data in connection to the export and import of Business Objects as well as the final unload of the collected audit data has changed. Customers that had audit extensions implementing these interfaces where required to change accordingly

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