Exercise 0.3 - Getting Familiar with the Studio

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This exercise is just to get familiar with the interface of Studio and to explore functionality and possibilities. In other words, have a bit of fun while it lasts. The following exercises are not going to let you off that easy!

If you do not have any project open, please open your Target Map:

  • In File menu, select Open Project
  • In dialog, locate folder Documents\MigFx\Mapping\Workshop\Target
  • Locate and double-click on the file Workshop.migtgt 

The Studio interface is composed of these main areas:

  • The Menu provides access to all main commands of the Studio. The Toolbar provides quick access to the most commonly used commands

  • The Project Explorerdouble-click shows all the items you can work on. You can double click an item to open it or right-click to get a context menu with operations available on the item

  • When you open an item it will be displayed as a tabbed document in the Document Well. You can have many items open simultaneously.

  • At the bottom and on the right edge you have several tool windows. Open a tool window by hovering the mouse over the tab of the tool window
    • Output shows various output from Studio processes like Get latest, open/close project, validate etc
    • Validation list shows the results of the latest validation
    • Pending changes shows a tree view of the items you have added or checked out since your last commit
    • References show the result of any cross reference performed in Studio
    • Search displays the result of the last search

The MDI (Multi Document Interface) of Studio allows you to work efficiently on many items at once. You can organize documents in horizontal or vertical groups: 

You can even pull the Studio apart and place documents outside the main Studio window, all on their own:

Committing and checking out of the Repository

When you work in Studio in a real team situation, you will be modifying files locally on your own machine. The Repository is a central location, where you and your teammates collaborate on the same projects and items in Studio. In the Project Explorer - and in the tabs of open items on the canvas - Studio will show the state of the item in relation to the repository and the team collaboration.

The item is committed to the Repository. If you open the item in the Document well, it is locked and you cannot modify anything. In order to unlock the item so you can modify it, you must first check it out of the repository.
Committed, Stale
The item is committed in (as above) but another user has committed a new version of the item so your workspace no longer contains the latest version
Checked out by you
The item is checked out to you, so you - and only you - can modify it. No-one else on your team can check this item out while you have it checked out
Checked out by someone else
Another member of your team has checked this item out in order to modify it. If you hover your mouse over the state icon, you will see a tooltip containing the user id of the other team member. As an aside, it can actually also be yourself, if you have opened the same project in a different folder or on another machine and checked the item out there .
Checked out by someone else, Stale
Checked out by someone else (as above) but another user has committed a new version of the item so your workspace no longer contains the latest version
You have added this item but have not yet checked it in to the Repository. At the moment, only you can see this item - nobody else. If other team members do a Get Latest from the Repository, they will not get this item. Check it in to join the club!
Pending delete
You have deleted the item. The delete is pending, waiting for you to commit your changes to the Repository. Once you commit, the item will disappear
Deleted in Repository
Another user has deleted this item and committed the delete to the Repository. You still have the item locally in your workspace

The commands to Check In and Out, to Undo Check Out, or to Get Latest are located in Studio menu under Repository, in the Studio toolbar , and in the context menu appearing when you right-click the item in the Project Explorer.


Please spend a little time to try out Studio. Remember you can check out items and make changes to them and just undo your checkout to revert to the initial state. So don't be afraid to check things out. When you are done, just right click the top most node in the Project Explorer treeview and select Undo checkout in the context menu to undo everything you have played around with.

As a minimum, you should try this out:

  • Open and close project
  • Move around parts of the Studio user interface, like dragging open items out, moving between tab groups etc.
  • Collapse and expand the Project Explorer treeview
  • Open items on canvas
  • Double-click on an item in Project Explorer
  • Try to Right click on an item in Project Explorer
  • Try to Checkout, undo checkout and check-in (with caution :-))
  • Try to Validate and click the Show Validation button in Project Explorer
  • Check the Validation tool window
  • Double-click on a Warning in the Validation tool window to open the affected item on the Document canvas
  • Try out Find References on for instance a Mapping Rule
  • In the References tool window, double-click a reference to open the referenced item on the Document canvas
  • Create a report (Menu: Tools -> Reports) and export it to pdf or Excel

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