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The availability of this Test menu item requires that the Planning Module is installed.


Test is an area where we can see the migration project and the state it's in, we can also drill down to see the state of a project's sub-area as defined in the Planning Configuration. The State column will show how far the test is (i.e., how many of the sub-areas have been updated as "Passed").

The "latest test" column shows in which Milestone the test was Passed or failed as illustrated below.

In the "Ready" column if you see this symbol,  this indicates that the area is ready for testing.

This symbol indicates that the area has not been changed or there is no data for this instance but it is ready for testing.

The Red, Green, and Grey bar gives you the status of the project's state, these colors are indicated above.

In this example, the "None: 7" is showing that there are 7 sub-areas with no State. Please also note when the bar is partially filled this indicates that the clients' sub-area is not completed and when filled is completed.

Area Details

To get more information on a specific project area you can click the project name and this will bring up the below.

For the sub-area, you will be able to change the state, add a tag, and even start a discussion with others with project access for this particular partition.

For the main project area, in this case, "Kort", the screen is slightly different with the option to start a discussion in the "Details" tab, then the option to see recent updates, and finally the option to add links using the plus symbol, as illustrated below.

The options for each tab are described below:

StateOnly the lowest sub-area; shows the current state, which can be changed.
TagsOnly for the lowest sub-areas: shows previously added tags, and new ones can be added.
DetailsShows any comments/descriptions added during the set-up of the area.
DiscussionShows previously added comments; new comments can be added and multiple users can discuss the area by adding new comments.
LogLists all changes made to this area.
Links List all areas and Items that this area is linked to; new links can be added. 


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